Thursday, February 20, 2014

trip to Utah and more!

How is it possible you are almost 3 months?! I'm starting to understand the whole kids growing up too fast thing now. But its been so exciting to watch you learn and grow each day. Here's a boat load of pictures from this last month (mama has a problem with putting the camera down sometimes- maybe if you weren't so darn cute!)...
That bear is so special to us because your birth mom has the same exact one!
Right after your 2 month shots- so sad :( But you were a champ!!
You LOVE to smile and coo. Such a happy, content baby you are.
You proved to sleep through anything after your first hockey game. And those lights were just mesmerizing! 
First day at church and lookin' handsome!
You helped me study for my nursing boards exam and guess what?! I passed!! And couldn't have done it without you :)
Taking walks is one of our favorite things to do! You love being carried close and I just love staring at that precious face of yours. You couldn't get any more perfect.
Aunt Teri is the best and you loved her instantly! She made the road trip up to Utah so much more fun. Not to mention her car maintenance skills that came in handy along the way...
We spent a couple weeks in Utah meeting/visiting family and friends. Everyone loved you and just couldn't get enough time with you. Even I found myself jealous of other people holding you! But at the end of the day, you were mine! :) I worried about how you would sleep away from home, but you did awesome. You've been sleeping 6-8 hours since you were just 6 weeks old! Such a blessing for us all! ;)

Your cousins couldn't stand it and were excitedly waiting in the windows for us when we arrived :) I may have had an anxiety attack thinking about all the those little hands hugging and kissing you as they insisted on doing. It took me a few days, but I eventually relaxed about you getting sick or something.

And the proud grandparents/great-grandparents...

And remember that one morning I was able to catch that cute sneeze of yours?! ;) Ha! I live for those...

We watched olympics by night while holding hands. Oh do I love my cuddly little guy!

We were showered with love and gifts from all sides of our family. How grateful we are for them!! We headed home with quite the stash of clothes, blankets, books, and other things. Here's the only picture I have from those parties! Of course your talented aunt Teri made it!

Your mama's brother and sisters think you're the cutest thing in the world! (because you are of course)

Shopped till we dropped with grandma. We especially had fun looking in all the mirrors along the way ;)
Made a few calls to your girlfriends... which you only have one... and that's me :)

Here's a few other pics of you having fun with those silly cousins of yours:
Weren't a big fan of the pink stroller and I don't blame ya ;)

Celebrated cousin Abby's 2nd bday!
You loved being held by the oldest cousin (on mom's side). He will be on his mission when you reach his age! 
Maren just checking out those fingernails of yours
We had so much fun, but it was time to come home to Dad and Bella girl who we missed SO very much.
Just in time for Valentines day <3
and this beautiful weather! 
Nothing like sleeping in your own bed huh?
Sadly we had to replace most of your newborn clothes with 3 month ones :(  You are growing so fast! 
And this was today. Right BEFORE you had a major blow out and went straight to the bathroom sink. Stinker!!