Friday, October 2, 2015


September was an awesome month! Our new little nephew was born and he couldn't possibly be loved anymore.  We closed on our home and moved in (not without help from family- thank you!).  I went to the Taylor Swift concert with some of my favorite people- it was SO much fun! I met up with old soccer buddies at the zoo- it was so fun to see them with their little kiddies.  Crazy how fast time flies! We got to see Jordan (Grayson's birth mom) as she headed off to college- we couldn't be more proud of her! I can't wait for this Fall weather to hit so i can pull out my sweaters, drink hot chocolate  whenever i want, make pumpkin everything, and watch the leaves turn colors before they fall.  I have seriously missed Falls in Utah!

Taylor Swift with the Hunt girls!  
And sometimes I just let this happen :) haha
This is what happens when dad is a Ute fan and mom has blue in her blood... This way he can make his own decision right? But really, look at that sweet face!

What can i say? The kid LOOOVES to play in the mud. And sometimes I just can't deny him of that pure joy.
Aaaand other times its just serious business!

Meeting baby Rivers for the first time. We are in LOVE!
A couple weeks later and he just gets cuter!
We all know Aunt Teri is the best.... but how she makes eating salad fun for a 2 year old, I will never know!
Great-grandpa is silly! He is good to let this little tornado come over and over.
What's that Grayson is holding? Yep, keys to our new home! We are so excited to finally have all our stuff back in one place!
Nights with cousins plus football = heaven for this boy
Starting our mornings right in our new place ;)
Matt was cutting Gray's hair and it was tickling him so bad that he could stop squirming- it was so funny.
Celebrating September birthdays at grandmas house! Yes this was the best picture we got, haha
Sometimes we load up on popcorn and slushies for a nice, relaxing Target trip. Oh and he did not put that dinosaur down for anything
Grayson loves his Granny! He always has so much fun with her.
At the zoo with friends i haven't seen in 11 years!
I love them!! Every kid needs a good doggie!
Good luck in college, Jordan! You will do great!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Home study APPROVED!

Hey everyone! We want you all to know that we have been thinking and praying hard about growing our little family.  Recently, we have been home study approved which means that we are legally ready to adopt another child! We are so excited at the possibility and I can't help but wonder what our next adoption story will look like.  We hope you will keep us in your minds and share our blog with everyone to help spread the word and help that next little spirit will make his/her way here. Thanks for all your love and support!  

Matt, Stacie, & Grayson


 August has come and gone.  Our house is getting so close! It's been fun watching it go up and I'm crossing my fingers we picked good options, haha. I feel like it's a surprise at this point since I can't remember half the things we chose. But its looking great and we are getting closer!
Taking a break with dad. All this house building is hard work!
Grayson insists on walking Bella these days! It always turns out to be the other way around, but good thing she's the best dog around!
Watching t.v. together :) Bella is the most patient, loving dog!

Every morning after breakfast, we walk over to see the trains and let Bella run wild.  Grayson loves the "choo-choo"!
Riding bike with cousin Alivia!
Day at the Zoo:
Gray's first time at the zoo was a hit! He ran around like a crazy guy, saying "hello" to everyone and asking all the kids "did you see it?!" Needless to say, I left buying a year pass :)
Grayson loves the dinosaurs at the zoo- he RAWRS back at them and tries hard to be brave, haha
My fav is always the polar bears. I love that they still have the same lion drinking fountain that i drank out of as a kid!

Spent the day at the Homestead with family!
Saying "cheeeese!" in front of the goats, haha 
He seriously loved feeding the goats. Who knew they liked dog biscuits and pretzels!?
Marching back and forth over the crater. Laying down on his belly at the top to holler "hello!" to the swimmers below.
Gray LOVES his aunt Teri! She's the best. 
Matt Townsend Date Night with Matt's parents, mine, and my sisters (plus husbands). Can't beat a free date night that offers free Cold Stone and lots of laughs!

Some other exciting news... I officially graduated with my BSN! I was debating whether to walk since I had finished my classes a few months ago, but I'm so glad I did.  All that hard work, time and stress really felt like it paid off.  It was a great ceremony and reminded me that I can do anything! A small part of me thinks I will eventually go back for more one day.. shhh! don't tell Matt ;)
I had the best cheerleaders- so thankful for all their support! 

I love this pic. Grayson LOVES helicopters (go figure) and especially loves remote helicopters.  I've never seen him so happy when he has the controls :) Love these two.