Monday, December 16, 2013

Early Christmas for us!

Sometimes it's just hard to write a blog post after so much has happened. Where do you even begin?? Well, I'll start with the exciting news that we adopted a sweet baby boy a couple weeks ago! :) His name is Grayson Matthew Hunt. He is by far the best christmas present ever! So without further ado, here he is:

We love this little guy SO much and are forever grateful to his selfless, kind, loving, and beautiful birth mom who blessed our family more than she knows. Everyone's adoption story is unique and ours is doesn't fall short. Lucky for us, we have an open adoption with a awesome family who have so kindly accepted us as their own. Grayson is surrounded by so much love and will always know that! We had TWO short weeks to prepare for this bundle of joy and how exciting/crazy/stressful/emotional those days were. I still find myself trying to wrap my head around it all. We have been enjoying every single second with this little guy and I'm already worried that he is going to grow up too fast! It's a funny thing- wanting a baby so bad and then when it's here, I just want time to stop forever. On the other hand, what an exciting and fun thing it will be to watch him learn and grow. Ahh!! It's all still so surreal.

Here are a few pics from the last month:
Amazing birth mom on the right, just 2 days before giving birth (and yes, she is pregnant. She just makes it look good.)

Welcome to the world sweet boy! It was so awesome to be part of this day and I even got to cut the cord! 

 I could make ten blog posts about all the feelings/emotions that went along with that first week... and the weeks leading up to it... and even the last couple weeks. But just know that when people talk about a roller coaster of emotions, they aren't kidding! Here are a few more pictures.. because I know that's all you really want to see anyway ;)

Many faces of Grayson
Santa Baby ;)
Bundled up for the cold!

Bath time isn't our favorite, but we're working on it ;)
And just because everyone should take a cheesy Christmas card photo.... ;)

p.s. I also graduated from nursing school last week!! Talk about a LOT of change going on for us. I'm wondering when it's all going to knock me out of my shock state I seem to be in...

My sister-in-law  threw an AWESOME graduation party for me! I loved it so much!! :)

So fun and creative! My fave was the urine sample, haha