About US!


Age: 33
Occupation: Helicopter pilot
Religion: LDS
Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother (he's the baby!)
Nicknames: Mafu, fat Matt (its okay, because it's obviously not true, haha)

Matt works for an air medical company and really enjoys what he does. He knows the importance of hard work and is a great provider for our family. He is easy going, fun, and puts his family before everything else. Matt is the ultimate handyman and can fix or build pretty much anything... and if you want to test him, just tell him something he can't do ;)

Interests: helicopters (go figure), family, going out to eat, movies, Utes, fixing/building things, computers, anything outdoors, apple pie


Age: 29
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Religion: LDS
Siblings: 4 sisters, 1 brother (the forgotten middle child)
Nickname: Stace, Staceface

Her number one priority is being home with family, being a mother and homemaker. She is lucky to have an awesome part-time job that doesn't take away from that role and allows her to do something she is passionate about. While Stacie works, Grayson is with his dad, cousins, aunts, and grandparents whom he adores.  Stacie loves her family, having fun, and trying new things.

Interests: outdoors, family, rootbeer ice cream cones (kind of addicting right now), board games, pasta lover, soccer, party planning, shopping, walks with the fam

Age: almost 2! (On Thanksgiving Day!)
Occupation: Busy toddler
Siblings: None right now- but is hopeful ;)
Nickname: Gray Gray

Grayson is such an awesome little guy.  He has loads of energy and his excitement for life just can’t be contained! Grayson is a social guy and will make sure to say “hello!” to everyone in the room. He is known for saying “dank-oo!” in the sweetest voice- usually before getting what he wants!  So not only is he polite, he is very smart and strategic! ;)

Interests: spotting helicopters/planes in the sky, running around with cousins, taking Bella for a walk, pizza, watching music videos with grandpa, coloring, going to the zoo (big animal lover right here!), singing in the car with mom (which may be her favorite thing too!), and flying remote control helicopters with dad.

Age: 4
Occupation: Guard dog (anyone who knows her can laugh now!)
Nickname: Bells

I'm not kidding you when I say Bella is the BEST dog ever! She is so calm and patient with kids, but knows how play hard when it's time.  It's been so awesome to watch her relationship with Grayson as he grows.  Every kid needs a good doggie for a friend!!

Interests: dog parks, eating, sleeping, running

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