Monday, March 30, 2015


So I started the RN-BSN (Bachelors program) in January which means it's been taking up a lot of my time! It's a self-paced program so I can go at my own speed which is nice.  I've been working really hard to finish it quickly and it looks like I may be graduating this summer which is awesome! I've never been so thankful for nap times and I've been lucky to have so much help and support from Matt. Could NOT do it without him!  I sometimes wish they could give my husband the same degree because he works almost as hard and probably knows the material too! Anyway, here's a bunch of random pics from the last couple months...

RootsTech Conference in Salt Lake with my parents. It was pretty awesome to be part of the largest geneology gathering where everyone was interested in the same thing! We learned a ton of new tricks and helpful hints to continue filling in our family tree. So exciting!

The only pic i got of me.. I really did have a great time, haha.

Visiting dad at work

Had to try out all the instruments at the docs office
Waiting for the doc... 
The next big thing! 
Gray LOVES wearing hats and usually puts them on sideways. I just love him.

Poor kid tripped and hit the corner of our dresser... This turned into a good shiner. But didn't seem to bother him after the initial hit. Trust me, Matt made up a lot of stories for this one! 
This kid loves slides! 

Fun with cousins and kisses for the baby chicks!

St. Pattys day picture in the helicopter.  Grayson loves to sit in the drivers seat :)

Hats, helmets... he loves them all! 



Ridin' in style after a birthday dinner at Sunset Grill
Love this time of year with all the blossoms! Yes, Grayson is about ready to jump out. haha
What a stud! 

Maybe we should have Grayson explain this one? Pretty sure Bella would like an explanation too.
Sunday before Easter... at my cousins baby blessing. 

Obsessed with balls lately! And check out those plaid-suspendered cousins!
Walking down Legacy parkway in Centerville
Grayson steals every chance to have a turn on my laptop, haha