Our Story

We met on a blind date where I told Matt over the phone that I didn’t expect much to come of it (in my defense, I was so over dating at the time. Plus, blind dates don't ever turn out! Or do they?). We went to the Body's Exhibit in Salt Lake (which made for a couple awkward moments as you can imagine), picked up Cafe Rio (which is still one of our "go-to" places), went back to my place for a movie and homemade peach ice-cream (Matt even prepared the mix ahead of time AND brought his grandpas ice cream maker- impressive!). We still argue about how that ice-cream tasted- Matt thinks i asked for seconds just to be nice, haha. No comment. ;)

With some luck that night, Matt was able to get over my clunky black shoes that I picked out just for him (I still think they were cute). And I was smitten by his good looks and charming personality. We then spent every minute together for 3 months until Matt got a job across the country. I would see him 2 weeks out of each month for the next year plus. I’d be lying if I said I just knew it would work out. But I can say that the long-distance helped us grow closer, made us work a little harder, in turn making our relationship stronger.

{Side note- Matt still has my number jotted on a small piece of paper tucked away in his wallet with my name spelled wrong :)} 

A few dating pics...

After 1.5 years, we were married in Bountiful, Utah, on a snow-covered April day. Go figure. We then picked up and moved to Alaska for the summer where Matt would fly helicopter tours of the glaciers and I worked at the most delicious fudge company in the world. I still have dreams about that place. From there, we ended up in Vegas (talk about shock), we lived there for 3 years.  A lot of great things happened in Vegas!  We bought our first home, Matt flew tours to the Grand Canyon, I graduated nursing school, we adopted Bella (our lab), and later adopted our sweet boy, Grayson. 

Grayson's adoption was official after 6 months 
We have been living in Moab, Utah, the last year and have loved it! Another big shocker coming from a big city.  Finally, we are sticking ground in the Salt Lake area where both our families are. We are building a home right now and can't wait to start our new adventures and raise our family here! We are so blessed and can't wait to grow our family, making new relationships along the way!  

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  1. Love you guys! Fun to get to know your families and read your stories.