Open Adoption

Our thoughts on open adoption:

Having an open adoption is such a broad term that is defined by the adoptive couple and birth parents.  We have found that finding that balance of communication is key in these relationships.  We believe that putting the child's best interest first is what should guided relationships in adoption.  Three foundational words for these relationships are love, trust, and respect. With this comes peace, content, and joy. And we truly believe that! We have realized that each adoption experience is so different and unique, which I think is awesome! We look forward to finding out that perfect balance of openness, whatever that may be. 
When Jordan (Grayson's birth mom) decided to place for adoption, her experiences were anything but easy. You can click HERE to listen to her tell her story. We are so proud of her and love her so much!  It's so fun to look back on how our stories came together at just the right time. 
This picture says a million words without saying anything.
I found this quote about birth mothers and I really liked it. I think there's a lot of truth to it. Many people say over and over how selfless the adoption choice is. While that may be true to an extent, I think it's totally fine for the birth mother to think of herself as well! I had to read this a couple times, before I realized how much truth there is in it. 
Jordan also wrote her thoughts on open adoption below. You can find the full article HERE.

“I love open adoption because it lets me be in Grayson’s life and watch his family continue to grow as well as mine. Open adoption, to me, means that you’re not just placing your child, but that you’re also placing yourself in a bigger family. I still get to see Grayson and I interact with his family often—they even came down for my graduation. I love open adoption because I get to see how he is doing and he gets to see how I’m doing; we’re both becoming who we are because of adoption. Because he has two parents that love him, he isn’t struggling for what I can’t give him. I found two amazing parents to take care of him for the rest of his life and I am able to do everything a girl should be able to do: go to college, travel, be involved in different clubs and activities, and achieve different goals to the best of my ability—all things that I know Grayson will be able to do one day because he is being raised by the best parents a boy could ever hope to have. Open adoption has changed my life drastically for the better and I love every second of it.” – Jordan

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