Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The lit up streets of Moab this time of year make up for the cold night walks.  I always fight going out in the cold, but it's good for the soul. It's also good for the baby and dog who have gone stir crazy being inside all day.  I've learned that Moab can be a little depressing in the winter! It becomes a ghost town here with many businesses closing for the season and really not much to do! The library, church, and hanging with friends/family inside is what we do.  We really have to get creative here.

Milk and cookies before bed.
I love these moments :) I have a feeling Gray will be a handyman like his dad.
We aren't quite old enough, but we went to nursery anyway and loved it! Such a big boy!

Out to lunch and shopping with cousins
Every time we go up north, I HAVE to stop for a rootbeer ice cream cone at A&Ws.  They are SO yummy and the only A&W store who sells them. (Trust me!)
Just in case you thought he was ALWAYS happy. Ha! I try hard not to let him see me smile when he turns on the tantrums these days.  They are just too cute! Right now anyway...
Grayson LOVES his Bella girl. They cuddle and watch cartoons together.  She lets Grayson climb all over her.  They exchange frequent kisses.  She's the most patient dog ever and I love that they have each other!

Friday, January 2, 2015


My sister became Mrs. Pack on December 19th.  So glad we were able to spend the day celebrating with the family.  We thought it would be freezing cold in that barn, but it turned out to be perfect.  Grayson had a great time dancing with all the little kids and possibly found his calling as a janitor after the event ;)  Congrats Camille and Regan! We love you!
My family is getting so big!

I want to eat that cute face in the middle!
Anything on wheels is his best friend!

Back home to Moab we came & of course shopping is always on the list after a trip. 
Cruising the grocery aisles thinking, "I got this mom."


Matt has always worked holidays since we have been married.  It's different not being around tons of family, but we have gotten used to it.  In fact, it makes for pretty relaxing holidays which isn't bad.  Since he was on call this year, he was able to spend the day at home which was awesome.  We were lucky to have his sister, Teri, join us this year too! We love it when she visits! 

We were all spoiled this year with toy trucks, climbing gear, clothes, and a NEW CAR! Yep, we were ready for something bigger and more reliable.  I never realized how loud my mazda was driving down the road. And what did i ever do without a back up camera?! My favorite feature.
And a few pics of the Christmas after-party...  ;)