Monday, August 3, 2015


Happy July! This month was packed full of family, parades, and sweet treats. Just the way we like it! :)
Fourth of July Parade! Grayson couldn't help but run after the ponies and horsies... We left worn out and with popsicle stains on our shirts
House update:
Our house is coming along! Yes, we are aware that our neighbors are that close!
I think I'll get used to our living room view real fast :)
They are moving along so quick- now this is the fun part!! Just sitting back and watching it go up. 
That's my boy!
Thanksgiving Point with family- Grayson LOVED riding the pony and would swat my hand away when i tried to spot him. So funny. He's my growing, independent boy!
This guy is a big animal lover- I think Gray was trying to be funny and bonk head with the horse here, haha
Fun riding the tractor around
I think he might be a handy man like his dad.

Helping dad run some wire through the house- Grayson loves to "help" dad with his projects
We've been hanging out at the house a lot while Matt does some sweat equity. I love that little smile!
 24th of July Parade! I've REALLY missed living in Utah for this reason. No one seems to care about the 24th in Alaska or Nevada, haha. We had fun at the parade and carnival- it's always fun taking Grayson to some of his firsts.
First Ferris wheel ride with cousin Tay Tay. I was so worried he would freak out, but he just sat real still the entire time.
Swings with cousin Kate!
The fam. We ate our way through the carnival with pineapple smoothies (my fav) and tiger paws (scones covered in cinnamon & sugar.  Grayson tried to take the stage with his dance moves... I think its cute, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one!
Movies with the crazy Hunt cousins! 
Ya... this only lasted during the previews! During the actual movie, we were running the halls doing somersaults. I'd say we are quite old enough for the big theaters, but we tried!
Sometimes I secretly love when Grayson gets jealous and wants HIS mommy.  His cousin Lacey is on the right- we had fun playing kickball, water games, and hanging out on Granny's porch. 
Ice cream date- just the two of us! Isn't he dreamy?