Tuesday, July 1, 2014

BIG month for us

June was an eventful month for us! After moving to Moab, we actually ended up moving again after only a week (just down the street). It was a better/cleaner place and we are much happier here. We are close to main street, have a nice backyard with lots of grass (something we aren't used to from Vegas!). And most importantly, an extra bedroom for visitors ;)

Here are the highlights from June:

I got my first RN job! I work just a couple days a week at a long-term care center in town. It's a really nice place and so far I enjoy it. Many of the patients have dementia/Alzheimer's, which is a big reason I wanted to go into nursing to begin with. I seriously love these people and love caring for them. They make me so happy.

Of course you need a picture from his 6 (and a half) month appointment! Pretty sure he was the cutest baby there. Just sayin'.

Happy Father's Day!

First rodeo for Gray 
Grayson's adoption was finalized! We were first up for the Judge Gonzalez that morning. Once in the courtroom, everything happened so quickly. Our lawyer and social worker were there. We were sworn in and asked a few questions. Grayson was squealing and content, the center of attention for sure. It was surreal.  And just like that, he was legally ours.

Grayson was sealed to us in the Bountiful temple. It was such a special ceremony. As an adoptee himself, the sealer had a bond with Grayson that was easy to sense. After the sealer pronounced sacred blessings upon him, he looked up at the sealer with his sweet face. Everyone there said it was as if they were communicating for those few moments. A day to remember for sure. We feel so blessed and grateful for our belief in forever families. 

The next day Matt gave an amazing blessing at my parents church. I usually try and record blessings for friends, but I totally forgot to this time! It was another great day filled with people we love most. So grateful for all the support of family and friends. We definitely felt the love.