Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Who doesn't love fall weather? I have missed the changing leaves and cool night that Vegas rarely gave us.
Granny's tub is the best!

We had a fun Halloween party with all the cousins (from both sides) and it was awesome! The kids had so much fun. As I was setting up, I never thought we would make it through all the games I had planned. But they did! We had potato sack races, donuts on a string, pin-the-hat on the witch, and a few others. 

So initially the idea was that Matt would be the knight, me the princess, and our little dragon. Well, when it came down to it, the helmet fit me better... and Matt made the comment that i should just be the knight. Pretty sure he didn't think that one through all the way ;)

We adventured out to Silver Lake one evening with Matt's family for some pretty views before sunset. It did not disappoint!