Saturday, January 4, 2014

letter to Gray

Dear Grayson,

I can't believe you're almost 6 weeks old! You have been such a joy to our little family and I've been anxious to write down your first few adventures in life. Each day I can't wait to see what you have learned by all the new & fun things you show us. 

So far, you...

  • have learned to LOVE bath time (wasn't such a big hit at first)
  • make facial expressions that are too stinkin' cute
  • love going for walks with Bella 
  • are easily entertained by lights & those big white/gray stripes on your nursery wall (definitely your favorite room in the house)
  • have been sleeping through the night and if you awake earlier it's because you successfully wrestled your way out of the swaddle (stinker!)
  • love your daddy so much that you will often save your poopy diapers until he gets home ;)
  • are intrigued by your new crib mobile that we just knew would be a hit with your curiosity
  • love music/singing and can be easily calmed down by it (even if you have to listen to mamas voice... and hopefully that won't scar you long-term)
  • want to eat your blankets and fists each time you wake up from a nap, no matter how long it's been since you last ate
  • are not picky- you pretty much take any pacifier/bottle & will sleep about anywhere
  • have a toothless grin that just melts my mama heart
  • are realizing diaper changes are for your benefit too (which means you aren't getting as angry as you used to)
  • hate hate HATE getting your nose suctioned (i dont blame you!), but it feels so good when it's done
  • are such a wiggly little guy and not quite sure what to do with those long skinny arms and legs yet!
  • think it's time to fall asleep every time we try to do "tummy time"

I just can't get enough of your cuddles right now and I have been soaking up every second of them. Another favorite thing is watching you sneeze with the cutest "Ahh choo! Ahhhhh, ahhhh....Ohhhhh" when you can't quite get the last one out :) It is the cutest thing in the whole WORLD and I'm determined to catch it on video... so please, give me more than a 2 second warning next time :) You have been such a sweet boy and I almost feel guilty at times that you are so easily soothed, eat like a little monster, and that you sleep so well. Keep it up! ;)

We love you SO much little Gray! You are perfect. You make me want to be/do a little better every day. Your daddy and I can't imagine our lives without you in it. We have been so blessed to be chosen as your parents and I get teary eyed every time I think about it. Your birth family loves you very much too- how lucky you are!! I can't wait to introduce you to the rest of our family in a few weeks, including many of your cousins who are ecstatic for another playmate.  <3  <3





  1. Stacy, that is the sweetest letter. Something he will very much enjoy when he gets older. He is the cutest little thing and I am sooooooooo happy for all three of you as you begin your journey together. Debi Duncan

  2. He is just the sweetest! So happy that he is such a good little guy for you! You should soak up every minute!

  3. I love his little squishy face.