Friday, April 11, 2014

Going Private

Yes, it's true. We feel the need to make our blog a little more private now. Please leave your email if you want to stay updated... Thanks in advance :)  Oh and don't be afraid to ask for an invite! You don't think I stalk blogs too? ;)


How could anyone give this skinny-licious, long-legged boy 3 more shots in a matter of seconds? Well they did just that at his 4 (and a half) month visit- and he was NOT happy! Luckily it only lasted a few seconds. Grayson is in the 4% for weight (13lbs) and 75% for height (26"). Healthy, happy, and the cutest thing I ever saw.

His new tricks include: blowing raspberries, babbling, standing/bouncing whenever possible, using his hands to grab anything in sight, sticking his tongue out, & wooing all the ladies with his toothless grin ;)

Like father, like son.
Grayson loves watching movies, being outdoors, eating (haha), and playing at the pool. Okay, the last one isn't so much like his dad.

Best Friends <3 
Because what other friend would lick your throw up, be your footstool/recliner & entertainment, let you tug her loose skin (sorry Bell), and be the first responder to your cries?

You & Me 
Some of my favorite moments are just you and me, Grayson. Your still as cuddly as ever and it seriously melts me, stopping me in my tracks to enjoy the moment. 

Some of my favorites are you smiling & giggling in your sleep
Such a curious boy- you want to tour the house a million times over with me

You always look so handsome for church 
Because who wants to go to bed anyway?
4 months OLD! 
Singing songs/cuddling before bedtime (and taking pics, haha) is the best way to end our nights
Love you forever Gray Gray!!

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