Saturday, May 2, 2015


April was pretty eventful for us- lots of changes. To make a story short, we are moving back to the Salt Lake area! This has always been a goal of ours with both our families being there. We found a place to build and are excited to get things started already! No, we don't have jobs up north yet.  Are we crazy? Yes. But, we know things will work out and it's the best time for us. Oh, and I graduated with my BSN! I have so many good things to say about WGU- so glad I found that school and was able to plow through the classes. I will be walking later this summer for proof of graduation ;) Here are some pics from April:
First egg hunt was a hit! We are going to miss our great neighbors & friends... I'm trying not to think about leaving :(
How we play the car waiting game... 
It was our FIVE year anniversary this April! 
Our niece, Sara, was baptized! So glad we could share her special day with her. 
I just love this picture of my boys.
Building a new is exciting... and stressful! So many options! It wasn't Grayson's kind of fun either, but he was a trooper.
Trying to take advantage of living in this beautiful place! 
Grayson LOVES playing with friends. He was so excited to show off his basketball hoop

They were so cute playing together!

I have to laugh at this pic! Grayson is obsessed with helmets and bikes. Don't leave yours unattended at the park or he will claim it!
This boy and those boots!

Sundays in the mothers lounge. He seriously is the cutest boy at church. 
Such a boy! Grayson loves dirt and rocks!

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