Thursday, July 2, 2015


Wish this picture wasn't blurry- Jordan's graduation! So glad we could be there!
Went to see Jordan (Gray's birth mom) graduate high school in Las Vegas. We had so much fun while we were there! I love watching them together- it just makes me smile watching them play together :)

We got to visit Gray's birth dad's family too! This is a pic of his birth-grandpa and his son. So fun seeing the similarities! They are always so good to us.
It was a happy birthday for me this year! We had a BBQ with our friends- it was a great way to see them before we left for Salt Lake. 
This is HEAVEN for Grayson! 
We had more visitors (my sisters cute family) just before we left and I ordered myself a Reeses Cheesecake. Oh. My. Heck. So good!!
I love this one.  Grayson and his cousins.. bet you can't tell which one he was attached too ;)
My sister and our babies! 

"Uh-oh, where's dad??
Family pic!

The whole hiking crew (including my dad!). It was a HOT day!
Love this face! Entertaining ourselves in the car while dad & grandpa play tetris in our storage unit. 
We are going to miss these walks every day :( Change is good. Change is good.
Grabbing some lunch at one of our favs
He is the best little smoothie taster... guess thats a thumbs up on this one!  

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