Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thank you times a million!

I've been so overwhelmed at everyones kind response to our intentions to adopt and spreading the word  with family and friends. It's so amazing to me how quickly news can spread via internet (especially FaceBook!). I could hardly sleep the other night because I just couldn't believe it. People I hardly knew were trying to help us out and that meant so much. It makes me want to be a little better and to try harder to help others I may not know.

So this blog is intended for you to follow us on our adoption journey, which we will update with new info as it happens. It also will be a place for us to share our current lives to help others get to know us a little better. We can't pretend to have perfect lives and that we will make the perfect parents one day. We like to think we are "normal" (whatever that means) and we try not to take ourselves too seriously.  If there's ever any questions, please email us under the contact tab.

That being said, our home study is scheduled for next Monday! And I'm sitting here thinking how I should be cleaning the house and organizing that one bedroom that is our "I don't know exactly where to put this, but I want to get it out of my way" room. We had to buy a fire extinguisher and they give us a long checklist of things that need to be in order.  There's a lot to do this week. Does any else foresee your summer going to go by WAY too fast this year? Maybe it's just me.  

Side note- I couldn't stop smiling when I got these cute cards in the mail yesterday:
My talented friend makes these cards and I just love them- it's hard giving them away sometimes because they are just so cute!

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