Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Home Study

Our home study is now complete!! I heard a lot of stories about how particular they can be about every little thing in your home. I also heard how laid back they are and not to sweat it. Well the later was certainly true for us yesterday. I took the motivation of having a home study and cleaned out all our closets, sending a lot of stuff to Good Will and organizing the rest. I have to admit that once I got the closets clean, I really didn't want to put anything back in it. But it was either back in the closet or sprawled across the room. But there was no checking closets during our walk-through (i secretly wanted to show her them anyway). It was just a simple check to make sure our home is a safe place for children.

We had interviews with the social worker, together and then separate. I was a little nervous about this (don't know why), but is was an easy conversation that was comfortable. She was so nice and even gave us some advice. One piece of advice included to try and protect our feelings. We have known from the beginning the risks involved in adoption. For some people, it all happens fairly quick and smooth.  Others may wait years, experience multiple failed adoptions, and/or even have a child take from them after placement. I wish so badly that our social worker could tell us our future and what to prepare for. But maybe we wouldn't want to know. Maybe the only way we can face it is one day at a time. The when's and how's of it all are unknown to us, but one thing for sure is that it will all be worth it. That is something we have complete faith in.


So my husband comes home a few months ago and says "Guess what? We bought a shave ice trailer and I think you are going be GREAT at making them this summer!".  My thought: I'm offended. And how dare you ruin my plans of getting a tan this summer!

 Well it turns out to be a pretty cool little gig of ours (along with some friends).  We work evenings a few times a week and are pretty much spent by the end of the day.  {Proof: Matt NEVER sleeps in his clothes (only I do when I'm lazy), but he's had his moments the last couple weeks.}  It's fun to create new mixes and try all the flavors. Okay, there are some I might be trying over and over again ;) Today I made this board today:

I'm not quite done- need to add some Hawaiian flowers. Oh, and my little sister is coming to visit this weekend! Alright fine- she may be younger but she's a little taller than me now (meaning I can't steal borrow her shoes anymore).  And just for fun- I found this pic while cleaning yesterday:

2004- I had just graduated high school and my sister was ten!  

Ps. We passed our home study and we should be officially approved in the next 2 weeks! :)

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  1. I am Danny and breigh's niece!! Just passed your blog on to a friend whose friends daughter is pregnant, wishin you guys good luck and a smooth journey! :)