Monday, July 22, 2013

We're approved!

We are so excited that we can finally say we are officially approved for adoption! The email came last week along with reassuring feeling that everything will happen when it should. And then came the panic that anything could happen at any given moment! While the thought of that is exciting, the unknown always makes my stomach jump a little. Are we ready for a little bundle of joy if we were to get a call in the middle of the night... even tomorrow? Well the answer is yes! Yes, we are ready for anything to happen! I think that is an exciting part of adoption. I wonder sometimes what our story will be like. Will we get that call in the middle of the night and happily run to the hospital while frantically calling our parents? Or will we be able to attend the birth mom at her ultrasounds and possibly even the birth of our child? There are so many different ways our story could go and whichever way it goes will be perfect for us. 

You can view our online profile by clicking here.

Bella and I were able to visit family for a couple weeks in Utah (missed you, Matt!).  We had fun with all the kiddos and there was never a dull moment. Between everyone in the family, we have 6 (SIX!) dogs which meant Bella had a blast too. It's pure craziness when everyone is together and so I loved the time I had with each of them individually- swimming, watching movies, playing barbies, and getting ready for bed.

Sittin on my parent's porch with just a few of my favorite kiddos (plus Bella)

We could have played "sharks" forever in this pool (My mom is on the left with the twinners)

We are all worn out FaceTiming.  I love cuddling with my Bella girl. And no, she didn't sleep on my bed, but it's really hard to push her off sometimes!

Before coming back to Vegas, I went with Matt's family out for dinner and some indoor sky diving. It seriously was so much fun! I was hesitant at first, but am so glad I did it. Matt was able to FaceTime us too and see how brave I could be! That night I was dreaming about all the different tricks I should try next time I go. I even considered doing real sky diving for a split second (sorry Matt, didn't last longer than that).

My father-in-law and I just flying around (love that he wore his cowboy boots)
Mattt came halfway to get me and we visited my ancestor statues in St. George on our way home. Pretty cool stuff.



*I'll have to add some more pics from our Utah trip soon- but I had to update real quick

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