Monday, July 1, 2013

Letter to birth mom

I'm sitting here trying to finish the last bits of our profile that will posted on I just need to add a few more pictures to the album and complete our letter to the birth mom.  So much time and thought has gone into this letter- more than anything else we have done. Though it's only a few paragraphs, it is the most important part because it's likely the first thing she may read about us and the place where she can get a sense of who we are.  It is so hard to put into words how you feel about her and the situation she is in. There is so much love that I already feel. The last few weeks I have really focused on the birth mom's feelings during the whole process. It's so important to me to have this point of view and I am humbled by the many stories I have heard and read from their perspective.  Below is one of those stories that has given me so much respect and love for these moms.


So we've had some visitors this weekend! My little sissy and her boyfriend came to party it up in Vegas. And that we did.
  • Sunday naps while the girls work hard on their nails and hair
  • late birthday party for my sister. Lucky her, she got the other half of my cake from earlier this month ;) (It's just as good if you keep it frozen in the meantime) Red velvet, choc chip with cream cheese frosting... Mmm!
  • played Catch Phrase and got an ab workout from laughing so hard 
  • found a new fav Mexican restaurant
  • went to Cirque du Soleil show and watched those amazingly talented acrobats
  • swimming at the pool
  • shopping at Town Square and cooling off with smoothies in the 116 degree weather
  • air conditioning stopped working in my car, sweated off calories until we got home
The crazy kids (can't believe my baby sister is all grown up)

It was SO hot and we didn't last too long outside
I decided to hitch a ride back up to Utah and hang out with the fam for a few days.  Wish Matt could have come, but he had to work :( Here's a clip of my silly Bella girl on the car ride up:

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  1. I gotta admit, Bella makes me want a dog and that is saying something!