Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August happenings

Love our Sunday walks :)  

Mama and her boy at the Colorado river

 There's just something about sitting in sink..

 He's getting real good at this crawling business!

We spent a few days un the mountains house sitting for friends. We had fun feeding the horses, watching the sunset and just being up in the mountains. Well, until Bella decided to find and eat some rat poison! Seriously! After hydrogen peroxide, charcoal, and some vitamin K... she seems to be doing fine. It was quite the scare!

 Bella was getting a little too brave thinking she was one of them. At one point, ran in the coral and was chased by one of the horses. 

Always need a bath pic, right?

Mr. Independent

We also took grandpa's new jeep out for a ride! (top left was taken before we left- promise he was strapped in, haha)

It's fun being much closer to family. We get to see them so much more now! Especially since Matt's job is a little more flexible.

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