Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September- Fall is here!

We have loved the Fall weather in Moab! Grayson started taking a couple steps this month and you can tell he is eager to walk all over. So crazy how fast he is growing. Here are is a peek into this month:
I can't do anything without this little person tugging at my pant leg.

Emptied out the diaper bag and found the marshmallows (from our Scouts activity)! Stinker!

Grayson came to visit me at work one day. Everyone LOVED him and he proved to be quite the entertainer- it was so fun to watch.

Teething is no fun for anyone :(

Shopping with this boy is so much funner than it used to be.  

Matt and I teach the scouts at our church. Grayson is a good helper and will one day be a good scout.

Since Fall is here, most of the out-of-towners have dwindled which leaves us with the perfect weather and trails to ourselves. this little waterfall is just a few minutes from where we live. I love this place!

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