Monday, September 29, 2014

More September

Matt got a new shell on his truck. It's much better/easier to travel with Bella now. Though, I did like the look of the truck better before...

We met up with my sister in Spanish Fork for some lunch and park time. Have I mentioned how awesome it is to be closer to family?

Dad teaching our little fishy to swim :) Grayson LOVES water!

Perfect weather = lots of walks and hikes for us! This was landscape arch below.

Oh, and remember when I said Grayson loved water? I'm thinking about getting him a dog bowl with his name on it for Christmas. Haha

Rock climbing with friends. I really want to get our own gear now! It was so much fun (and hard). I have always been afraid of heights, but as long as I keep my head up, I'm okay! 

Coming home from work and seeing this is my favorite! (including the part where Matt's doing the dishes, haha)

TEN months old! 

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